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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Nature’s Essence Kesar Glow Kit Review


First and foremost, I am not a regular facial kind of person. I opt for facials once in two or three months if I have some function to attend or want some pampering session. I personally feel that facials, even if done from parlours don’t bring any drastic change on face. They impart slight glow to face which lasts only two-three days. Hence I prefer doing my facial at home with the kits available in market as the cost is cheaper and facial can be done at home!!!. Today I am reviewing one of the facial kit used by me called “Nature’s Essence Kesar Glow Kit”.


Product Description:
A refreshing, rejuvenating and revitalizing Kesar Facial Kit helps to maintain the texture and luster to the skin. It cleans the dead epithelial cells of the skin, making it clean, smooth and soft. It brings out the radiant glow by increasing blood flow. It comes with Saffron Cleanser, Saffron Exfoliator Scrub, Saffron Care Massage Cream and Saffron Firm Glow Pack.
Direction for use can be found at the back of the pack.

Rs 367/- for 40 gms

My Experience:

 The product is packaged in a very simply but sturdy way. The facial kit consists of four tub packaged bottles with their names written on them. The kit is very travel friendly.

Firstly I cleansed my face with my face wash. Then firstly I used the “Saffron Cleanse (Deep Cleansing Cream).

  1. Saffron Cleanse (Deep Cleansing Cream)
The face cleanser looks like very smooth cream based cleanser as its name and is light orange in color. As directed in package, I cleansed my face with this cleanser for two minutes and then wiped it off with cotton followed by wet sponge. The cleanser is very oily and left my face quite sticky. The cleanser fine when it comes to cleansing.

2. Saffron Exfoliator (Refreshing Exfoliator Scrub)

After cleansing I applied exfoliator on my face and neck and scrub my face and neck for 2-3 minutes. The scrub has very fine scrub particles which can be felt on fingers. The scrub is also very creamy and leaves a sticky feeling, but it leaves skin very soft and supple.

3. Saffron Care (Kesar Massage Cream)
This cream is the best part of the kit. The cream has light texture and smells divine. I massaged my face and neck with this cream till it got absorbed in my skin. Although after the massage, skin becomes soft but glow….can’t be seen.


4. Skin Firm Glow (Skin Firming Glow Pack)

This face pack is thick and creamy in texture and has got multani mitti colour to it. I kept the pack on my face for good 15 minutes, just in hope of nice glow. After drying, I wiped it off by wet cotton and then used running water to completely wash it off the face. The pack takes away some stickiness from the face imparted by the above used products.

This kit which is made for imparting glow on the face actually does nothing. After the complete procedure I found no difference on my face and my face became for oily and sticky.  This kit does not even impart a cleanup kind of glow.


  • I found none. But this kit may be used by extremely dry skin people or may use in winter season for some moisturisation.

  • No kesar glow as claimed
  • Waste of money
  • Availability
RATING: Zero stars from my side.

Will You Repurchase It: Definitely not this one, but as i love home facials I will purchase some other facial kit.

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