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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Panache Face Wash Brush Review

Hello Everyone,

Cleaning the face after coming from outdoors is very important for a healthy and problem free facial skin. Usually I have a very long day mostly outdoors and at the end of the day my skin gets really tried and needs some form of deep cleansing. Somehow i felt that just cleaning the face by hands is not enough and is not fulfilling my need. Hence I thought for looking for some products which can help in cleaning my face daily within budget. While searching online on I found this daily face wash brush from brand Panache which mostly sells makeup and skin care brushes and tools. I liked the fact that it is for daily use and also is within budget, hence I grabbed it.

Rs 159 only

Product Claim:
Panache face wash brush, with ultra soft bristles, reaches where the fingers can not and thus deep cleanses pores effectively and brightens the skin tone. It can be used by both men and women.

My review: 

The facial brush comes in a very simple and no fuss packaging. The packaging consists of transparent plastic covering with product information at the back. There is nothing much to say about packaging, I think the outer package is what it should be. The product inside is green in color and has a cap to protect the brush. The plastic of the handle is also very good and sturdy.

The texture of the bristles on the brush is very soft and feels very gentle on face. Once you wash your face with this brush, you get a softer face.


Firstly I would like to inform you about how i use it:
·         Wet my face.
·         Then I wet the brush with water and put the needful of face wash over it.
·         Massage the brush gently on your face.
·         Wash the brush and face with normal water
·         Finish the face by applying moisturizing cream/ night cram based on time of usage.


Once I opened the package brush is covered with a cap, which is a very helpful add on with this brush. Although the cap is not tightly fitted but it solves the purpose. As mentioned above the bristles in the brush are silky soft and are not harsh on skin. But having said that one should be very gentle with the pressure applied on the brush while using on face. 

The brush cleans the face well and removes the dirt from the face. I use the brush on my face daily in the evening when i reach home. I think this brush should be used only once a day as it might be too harsh to be used twice or thrice on face. 

Overall I really like the brush as it is very helpful and time saving .

·         Affordable
·         Works well
·         Travel Friendly

·         Availability
·         No usage instructions mentioned


Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Final Verdict:
I think this is a really good face brush and works very well. I would recommend to use it only once a day.

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