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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Biotique Bio Milk Protein Whitening & Rejuvenating Face Pack Review

Face mask whether homemade or bought, help in refreshing and renewing tired skin. Today I am going to review one of my recently bought face pack from Biotique. I am currently in love with the peel off mask from Biotique mentioned in my following linked blog, hence thought of trying other face pack also. So let’s start the review:

Rs 199 for 50 gms from

Product Claim

This whitening and nourishing pack is blended with pure extracts of milk protein, wheat germ, almond oil, honey and seaweed to moisturize and revitalize the skin. Eases away wrinkles and lightens skin for a visibly fairer, smoother, rejuvenated complexion.

My Review:

I absolutely adore the peel off mask from Biotique because it actually works and takes off the dirt and tan my face from the very first time of its application. As the Biotique milk protein face pack claimed of being a refreshing and rejuvenating face pack, I thought it would be good for summers. 


The face pack comes in square cardboard packing outside consisting of name of product, company details and instructions for using the product. The face pack is a round cylindrical tub packaging like most of Biotique products. The ingredients list is mentioned at the bottom of the tub. The face pack tub also consists of instruction of usage of product.

Overall, the packaging is very ordinary but is easy to use and access.


The face pack is very creamy and smooth in texture. The consistency and application of the pack is like any face bleach. The color of the face pack is white and it spreads very smoothly on to the skin.


The application of face pack is very easy and hassle free. One has to just dip fingers/spoon in the tub of face pack, take out the product, and directly apply on face. This pack does not require any liquid to be mixed prior to application. Keep the face pack on face for 15-20 minutes as per instruction and then wash. The face pack does not dries up on face hence one can very much talk and smile after the application of face pack.

The consistency of face pack does not change on face and it remains creamy.  After 20 min wash or wipe the face pack from the face. The face pack when applied on face tingles or itchy like a bleach which can be tolerated.


As I mentioned earlier application of the pack is super easy because the product is to be directly applied on face and there is no need to add rose water etc. Well also, the tub packaging does not bother me as such, as it helps to find out the quantity of the product left. The hygiene of the tub can be maintained by using a spoon to take out the product hence tub packaging is not trouble for me.

Well the product is to be applied daily, but I did not use it daily on face but on alternate days before bath. I kept the product on my face for 20 minutes all the three times and then washed it away.

The face pack did not whiten, refreshed and rejuvenated my face whatsoever. The face pack makes skin oily so it is definitely not for oily skin beauties and not suitable for usage in summers. The face pack moisturizes the skin and makes it soft but that is not what the company is claiming.

This face pack is a complete failure on its claims.

Pros and Cons of the Face Pack:
1.    Moisturizes skin
2.    Makes skin soft
3.    Travel friendly
1.    False claims
2.    Not for Oily skin
3.    Costly for the quantity and effectiveness


Overall Rating: 1/5

Final Verdict:
I did not liked the product at all as it does not stands up to its claims and does not do any wonders to skin. I have used this product for one week with no mark of whitening on face or any rejuvenation. A big No for this product.
Have a great day, Bye

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