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Friday, 20 May 2016

L’Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Cellular Shampoo and Absolut Repair Cellular Lactic Acid Hair Masque Review

Hey Everyone,
In my teenage my hairs were very soft and shiny with any ordinary shampoo and hair oil. But when I came to Mumbai my hair started to get frizzy and drying. I had no clue whether it was the climate or my eating habits which led to the bad condition of my hairs. Since past 3 years I had been using Tressme Shampoo and Conditioner on my hair and also I have improved my eating habits. The changes in diet and shampoo have shown great improvement in the texture and frizziness. 
Off late I felt that my hair ends are again becoming dry, lifeless and frizzy. Hence I thought I should try other shampoo and I bought the L’Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Cellular Shampoo and Absolut Repair Cellular Lactic Acid Hair Masque Review.  I have used the products only once on my hairs. So let’s start the review:

L'Oreal Professional Absolut Repair Cellular Shampoo : Rs 575 for 250 Ml
L'Oreal Professional Absolut Repair Cellular Lactic Acid Hair Masque : Rs 700 for 200 gms 

Product Claim:

L'Oreal Professional Absolut Repair Cellular Shampoo : Let your hair indulge in a professional like treatment from the comfort of your home with the Professionnel Expert Serie - Absolut Repair Cellular Shampoo from Loreal Paris. 

Nourishes the Fiber and Repairs Very Damaged Hair
Enriched with active ingredients, this shampoo nourishes the fiber from deep within and repairs your damaged hair. 
Enriched with Lactic Acid Technology
The Loreal Paris Professionnel Expert Serie - Absolut Repair Cellular Shampoo is formulated with lactic acid technology that protects and strengthens your hair. 
Gently Eliminates Residue
In addition, this Absolut Repair Cellular Shampoo gently eliminates excess residue on your hair.

L'Oreal Professional Absolut Repair Cellular Lactic Acid Hair MasqueGet soft and smooth hair to complement your stylish hairdo’s with the help of this Absolut Repair Cellular Lactic Acid Masque from the L’oreal Paris Professionnel Expert Series.

Ideal for Dry and Damaged Hair
Created to nourish and repair damaged hair, this Absolut Repair Cellular Masque has a luxurious formula that helps repair the hair and restores softness and shine with deep conditioning, making it healthy and easier to manage.

My Review:

The shampoo comes in a typical L’Oreal packaging with opaque bottle and with a flip open from the top of the bottle. The packaging is definitely sturdy and travel friendly.

The masque comes in tub packaging with outer cover colour co-ordinated with the color of the masque. The tub packaging helps in controlling the quantity of product one wants to use. Hence, I like the packaging of both the products.

L'Oreal Professional Absolut Repair Cellular Shampoo 

The consistency of the shampoo is runny and opaque creamy in colour. The shampoo does foam well in second application as compared to the first application on wet hairs. As I always wash my hair after overnight oil so I always have to shampoo twice on my hair. This shampoo does not takes off oil well in first application and hence requires second application if you have applied oil.

Even if you not have applied oil and washing hair after 2 or more days, then I think one needs to apply this shampoo twice on hair for better cleaning. The smell of the shampoo is very good and stays on hair for reasonable time. I have used this shampoo without the mask also and this shampoo did not imparted any shine or softness to my hairs.

My hairs after shampoo wash felt neither soft nor bouncy and  there was no change in the  texture of hairs before and after washing. I left the shampooed hair for two days and the shampoo had no impact on the dryness and frizziness of hair.

Hence this shampoo is a big let down.

L'Oreal Professional Absolut Repair Cellular Lactic Acid Hair Masque:

Before using this combo of shampoo and masque I thought I should first only use the shampoo and see the effect on my hairs. The shampoo did no wonders to my hairs, it did not even made my hair softer ans shiner as claimed by company. But then I thought that the effect will show up only after using the products in tandem. So, on my next hair wash I used the shampoo with masque.

First, I shampooed my hair and then applied the masque for 3-4 minutes as instructed. Actually, the instruction mentioned on the tub said that the masque is to be applied on towel dried hairs, but I could not do that, hence I applied it on wet shampooed hairs. The masque smells really good.

The masque feels very soft on hands and easily spreads on hairs. After washing the masque, my hair felt a soft while they were wet. Then I towel dried my hairs for a while and then blow-dried my hair slightly. The hair felt soft with no shine as such and also there was no improvement in the frizziness present in the ends of the hair. The masque really makes your hair soft, but the softness will lasts only for one day, if you travel a lot.

I am disappointed with the masque as it did not helped in getting rid of frizzines of hair.

Pros and Cons of the Shampoo and Masque:
1.    Good Fragrance.
2.    Masque softens hair.
1.    Availability
2.    Costly
3.    False Claims

Packaging: 3/5
Performance: 2/5

Overall Rating: 2/5

Final Verdict:
The shampoo is a failure but the masque can be used occasionally if you are bored of your current conditioner. My existing Tressme shampoo and conditioner come in half the price and perform way better than these products. So definitely I am not buying this product again.
Have a great day, Bye J

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