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Monday, 23 May 2016

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Diamonds Eye Shadow: Topaz Gold Review

Hello Everyone,

Maybelline has recently come up with new makeup products in India. They have launched new 5-color eye shadows, some new red lipsticks and nail paints, mascara and blush. I saw the new eye shadows on and immediately bought them for the discount offered.  The eye shadows are launched in 4 shades palettes: tourmaline purple, rose quartz pink, sapphire blue and topaz gold. Out of the four, three are available online and I bought the Topaz Gold palette for myself. So let us review the product.

Rs 575 for 2.4 gms

Product Claim:

·         Maybelline New York introduces the first-ever eye palette with a 3-dimensional top coat, the Color Sensational Diamond Eye Shadow. 

·         It has amazing texture with three hues of pearl powder, one glitter and one matte powder to exclusively highlight your eyes. It is perfect to add just the right amount of glitter to make your eyes shine. The top coat is made with micro crushed pearls to give that alluring 3D finish.

My Review: Topaz Gold


The eye shadow palette comes in a black square box with a transparent window on top through which one can see the shades of the palette. At the back of the box, Maybelline has given a nice description on how to use this palette. The instructions at the back are very good and helpful for anybody who is not use to applying eye shadows.

Once you open the box, there is a small square box having transparent top with little detailing on the top with the name of the brand. At the back of box, the weight and the shade name of the box are mentioned. Once you flip open the palette there are 5 shade arranged in different geometric shapes arranged in a square. The palette also comes with a applicator to apply and blend the shades.

Overall I really liked the packaging as the palette is small and can easily fit in any purse or bag. I would have preferred a mirror inside the palette to be used while traveling. 

Texture and Pigmentation:

The palette ahs mix of matte, semi matte and shimmery shades. The texture of the shades is very soft and semi creamy. The semi matte shades are both powdery and creamy while the matte and shimmery shade are more towards being creamy. All the shades in the palette are very easy to apply and blend. The texture of shade B,C and E is very nice while the other two shades are also good.

The shades have very good pigmentation. The highlight shade i.e. A has the list pigmentation among all five. The shade B and C have great pigmentation, you will get good color in on swipe. The shade D i.e. the black liner shade gives nice pigmentation if you are looking for smoky eyes, but if one wants a liner like effect; you have to pile on a lot of product on eye. The shade E is shimmery shade with great pigmentation.


Earlier Maybelline had the eye shadow quadrants, which came in great color combos. Now Maybelline has come up with eye shadow palettes with five shades. Following are the swatches of the shade:

Shade A: This is a highlighter shade that does not show up well on my pigmented eyes. Even though I applied the shades over primer, this took a good amount of product to show up. The highlighter is a mix of white and cream color, and when once applied in good amount, highlights the brow bone area well.

Shade B: This is a semi matte powder finish golden color with slight hint of orange along with shimmer particles. The shade shows up really well in single swipe on eyes. This is my favourite color of the palette.

Shade C: This is an olive-grey color that is quite metallic. This is also shimmery shade and looks very good on eyes.

Shade D: This is a matte black shade, which is to be used as liner on eyes. The shade is good for a smoky eye effect but if one wants a proper liner with this shade then a lot of product is required.

Shade E: This top shade is to be applied on center of eyes to give pop of highlight on eyes. This is a light peach gold shade with lot of shimmers. This shade looks very nice on finished eyes.

Staying Power:

I used the shades over eye shadow base and they lasted on me for good 5-6 hours followed by little fading in the intensity of colors.  My eyelids are very oily, but someone who has normal eyelids, the eye shadow might last for more than 7 hours with eye shadow base. A makeup remover is required to remove the shades, as they are waterproof to some extent.

Pros and Cons of the Topaz Gold

  •    Nice Shades
  • Light weight to carry
  • Good Pigmentation
  •   Easily Blendable
  • Smooth for application
  •   Easily Available


  •    No Mirror
  •  As usual Useless applicator
  • Fall outs while application
  •  Costly for the quantity

Packaging: 4/5
Texture: 4/5
Shade: 4.5/5
Staying Power: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Final Verdict:
Well I really loved palette for shades it has to offer. The golden shade my personal favorite. The palette is compact and can be carried easily, which is great. However, as the shades are more on shimmery side, I might not use them more often or daily. Overall, a nice product and I am in love with the shades.

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