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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Maybelline New York Fit Me Pressed Powder Review: Shade 310 Sun Beige

Hello Everybody,

You know during my childhood I use to watch how my mom gets ready and I use to imitate her in afternoon when she sleeps. I have always seen my mom using Lakme products for makeup like lipsticks, kajal and face powder. I think that shows that how much Lakme was a very homely brand in 90’s. But nowadays I think that place in current market is taken by Maybelline.
Maybelline is innovating so fast in launching new products and that too budget friendly into the market. Now, even I have moved on from Lakme to Maybelline for my makeup needs like lipsticks, kajal, foundation, compact, blush and the list goes on. Maybelline launched their Fit me range this year and as I was out of my foundation and powder, I thought let’s try this range. 

I bought the Maybelline Fit me foundation, concealer and powder from Actually when these were launched on, the website had a unique way of selecting the shade. Firstly you have to select your complexion and then the site will give you all the shades of foundation, concealer, powder and blush. So, I really liked the selection method. I bought the foundation, concealer and powder as suggested by website.

So let’s start the review:


Rs 475/- for 9 gms, you can buy on for Rs 404/- on sale.

Product Claim:

Get the perfect matte and poreless finish with Maybelline New York's new Fit Me! Pressed Powder.
  • Flawless. Beautiful. Fresh. With Fit Me!® powder foundation you can make visible pores and shine disappear while still getting perfect buildable coverage. It comes in with a mirror and a sponge for easy application. The pressed powder glides on easily and is perfect for a light coverage.
  • Here's why you'll love it:
  • 5 shades- Ivory, Natural Beige, Buff Beige, Sun Beige, Natural Buff,
  • Mattefying Powder that also erases pores
  • Complimentary shades with foundation

My Review: Shade 310 Sun Beige


So the packaging of the powder is as simple as it could be. It consists of a powder box which is square in shape and it does not comes in any card board packets. The powder box is sealed with a paper seal printed with the name of the shade. The whole body of compact is black with one transparent square on top which shows the color of powder. After opening the outer cover, one can see the compact in round shape embedded in package. The compact layer is to be pulled up to see the mirror and the compact applicator. Maybelline has given the mirror in the second layer of packaging which I did not like. The reason being that to apply compact you have to first open the second layer, pull out the sponge and then go back to first layer to pick the powder and then come back to second layer to look into mirror and then apply. This makes the procedure of application a bit too long.

Hence, I think the overall packaging is very average.


The texture of powder is very soft and feels very light on skin after application. The powder sets the base well. I have used this over my Maybelline Fit me foundations and after application the powder turns into matte. The powder gives a matte finish and does not feels powdery at all.  I absolutely loved the texture of powder. The powder is more on the drier side hence it might not suit dry skin girls without a good moisturizer or in winters, it might not suit many people.


This shade Sun Beige is the darkest shade available on the Maybelline counters and online. The swatch of the shade looks quite whitish and too light for my face, but when applied it suited me and gave my face instant glow. I think the glow on the face is due to tiny shimmer particles present in the powder. These shimmer particles are not very prominent on face; hence this powder can be used on daily basis. The powder looks better applied on foundations or tinted moisturizer as compared to be applied on just moisturizer as powder as minimal coverage. The powder will give matte look only if applied over foundation.

Following images will show the comparison stated above.

Staying Power:

As far as staying power of the powder is concerned I am bit confused. I think the longevity of the powder will vary on skin type. If you have very oily and sweaty skin or if you live in a highly humid place, then this will not last for very long. The powder is not very efficient in absorbing the oil/sweat. If you are sitting full day in a room in AC or in office or at home, than this powder will last you around 4-5 hours with the glow. But if you are a person who roams a lot, then this powder will require frequent touch ups.

Overall I am quite satisfied with its staying power as I am in a AC room for most of my day with makeup.

Pros and Cons of the Sun Beige:
1.      Smooth and matte finish.
2.      Natural looking glow
3.      Blends easily.
4.    Good Everyday Compact
1.    Not impressed with packaging
2.    Less coverage
3.    Not suitable for dry skin
4.    Costly as compared to others in market.

Packaging: 3/5
Texture: 4/5
Shade: 4/5
Staying Power: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4/5

Final Verdict:

I actually quite liked the compact for the type of glow it gives to the face, hence would be using it every day especially in summers.

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