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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream: Shade No 11 Review

Hello Everyone,

Out of all the makeup products I use , Lipsticks has topped my list. Ever since I have started enjoying make-up, I find lipsticks are the ones which are enough to give a little jazz and color on to the face. Mostly I like matte lipsticks as I find they are more opaque on lips, covering the lip pigmentation better than shiny and glossy lipsticks. Hence my love for matte lipsticks took me to Miss Claire soft matte lip cream. I have read and heard very good things about these lippies and hence wanted to try one of these. It was very difficult for me to find them in stores as well as online, but one fine day I found it in a beauty shop near me and I grabbed it.

Online Rs 399/- I got it for Rs 150/- for 10ml.

Product Claim:
It's not lipstick nor is it gloss. It's like nothing that you have experienced before. It's lipstick that goes on smoothly but looks matte.

My review: Shade 11

The packaging of the lip cream is very simple and sturdy. It comes in sleek bottle which is covered with a plastic sheet and a doe foot applicator. The applicator is good and helps in application of correct amount of product on the lips. The top part of lip cream is black for all the shades, while the bottom part has different colours for different shades. I suppose the bottom color is to be color co-ordinated with the lip cream shade, but that is not the case as my lippie shade is very different from the shade on the bottom part of packaging. Overall I liked the packaging.

The lip cream as the name suggests is creamy in texture and turns matte on lips after application. The lip cream is not at all drying and heavy on lips. This lip cream shade is slight transferable and leaves tint on lips.

The shade no 11 is a neon pink shade with very light purple undertones. This shade is a totally summer and holiday shade.  This shade will not suit any formal occasion but is very suitable for fun filled holiday. The shade will suit all skin tones. The pigmentation of the shade is not very great i.e. it requires 2-3 swipes for full coverage on lips.

Staying Power:
The staying power of lip cream is upto 4-5 hours and survives light meals. This shade does leave a tint on the lips for full day. For the price it is being sold, I think the staying power is commendable.

Pros and Cons of the Lipstick:

1.    Matte  finish.
2.    Easy to apply.
3.    Not very Expensive
4.    Not drying and heavy on lips
1.    Transferable.
2.    Availability is an issue
3.    Not great pigmentation

Packaging: 4/5
Texture: 4/5
Shade: 4/5
Staying Power:4/5

Overall Rating: 4*

Final Verdict:

These lip cream have great formula and are very affordable. I am definitely going to try other shades.

Have a great day, Bye 

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