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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Miss Claire Waterproof perfection Lip Color: Shade No 60 Review

Hello Everyone,

I have heard and read great reviews about Miss Claire Matte Lip creams and after using, I am in love with them. The performance of Miss Claire Matte Lip creams has led me to buy their other products also.  Recently I went to the beauty shop near my place and found the Miss Claire Waterproof perfection lip color lipsticks. The lipstick was a combination of lip color at one end and lip-gloss and other end. As there was no tester available I picked the shade no 60 just randomly. So let’s get into the review. 

Rs 250/- for 2 x 5 ML.

Product Claim:
Miss Claire Brings This 2-In-1 Waterproof Perfection’ Lip Colour, Which Will Not Only Colour Your Lips, But Also Keep Them Hydrated All Day Long. This Lip Colour Is Waterproof And Long-Lasting. Keep It In Your Handbag And Be Ready To Get Lustrous Lips At Any Time.

My review: Shade 60


The packaging of the lip color is very ordinary and covered with a thin plastic cover. The lip color comes in a sleek pen style, which twists open, from both the sides. One side of the lipstick has lip color and the other side has lip-gloss. In the centre, there is silver color part of lipstick that has the name and quantity of the product. There is no ingredients list available on the packaging. The lip color and lip-gloss has separate doe-foot applicator to apply on the lips.

One thing that I just did not like about the packaging of the lip color is that the doe foot applicator is fixed to the body of lipstick and the part that contains the lip color or gloss has to be pulled out for application. This is something that I have seen for the very first time, as usually the applicator is something we pull out from the bottle of lip color. As I am a right-hander after pulling out the lip color part of lipstick, I have to transfer the applicator from my left hand to right hand and then apply. This is one major inconvenience I have with its packaging.

Overall, the packaging is very ordinary.

Texture and Pigmentation:

The lip color is very creamy to apply on the lips and it also dries up very quickly. The lip color itself is very sticky on the lips, but after the application of gloss, it gets stickier. This shade has lot of shimmer particles that I did not like personally. Also, one has to be very fast with application of the lip color and gloss and the formula dries up very quickly.

The pigmentation of the shade is very good; you will get full coverage in one swipe. However if you will chap your lips for uniform distribution of lip color, the lip color will not spread but will coagulate at one side of lip. The lip color and lip-gloss are very sticky, heavy and creamy on lips.


The shade no 60 is a pink shade having red undertones with pink shimmer particles. This shade is a good summer shade and will suit all skin tones.

Staying Power:
The staying power of lip color is upto 3-4 hours and survives light meals but will not survive full meal. This shade is waterproof as it sticks to your lips. This lip color sticks on your lips which gives it decent staying power and waterproofing, but that is not something I want from lipstick.

Pros and Cons of the Lipstick:

1.    Shade is good.
2.    Affordable.
3.    Less transferable.
1.    Availability is an issue.
2.    Formula is not good.
3.    Sticks on the lips.
4.    To be applied over lip balm.
5.    Settles in fine line of lips.
6.    Heavy on Lips.
7.    Dries up quickly
8.    No ingredients list

Packaging: 2/5
Texture: 0/5
Shade: 1/5
Staying Power: 1/5

Overall Rating: 1/5

Final Verdict:
This lip color looks very bad on lips because of its highly creamy and drying formula. The lip-gloss is also very heavy on lips, but can be used alone for nude shiny lips. As it was not very costly, I am not regretting it buying but definitely, I am not buying any lip color from this range.
Have a great day, Bye

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