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Monday, 6 June 2016

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Mega Gloss : 208 Flash Dance Review

Hello Friends,

Recently the Cannes festival 2016 has wrapped up and the sponsors of the festival i.e. L'Oreal Paris have come up  with some special products related to Cannes Red Carpet looks.  They have launched new Infallible eye pencils, Lipsticks and Mega gloss. I am not huge gloss wearer because I find them sticky and not suitable for wearing on day to day basis especially in summers. But I do not know why I was attracted to the glosses launched by L'Oreal. Initially I just  wanted to try any one shade and then thought of buying more if they suited me well. Hence I bought the Mega gloss in shade no 208 Flash Dance. So let us see the review:


Rs 680/- for 8 ml

Product Claim:

Our No Compromise gloss is here.

The formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid and shine colour pigments, leaving lips hydrated with a high level of shine. Enjoy a glossy look, without stickiness. The lip shaper applicator contours and hugs lips for a perfect glossy pout, all day.

My Review:

The L'Oreal Infallible Mega Gloss have been launched in different following textures:

      •  407 Smoke Me Up
      •  405 The Bigger the Better,
      • 402 Forgive My Sin
      •  401 Amen
      •  404 Rasputine Me

      • 302 Hot for Hawaii
      • 306 More of Bora Bora 
      • 305 Miami Vice
      • 310 Say Seychelles
      • 309 Sayonara Sunset

      •  210 Disco Ball
      • 208 Flash Dance
      • 202 Gloss me I'm Gorgeous
      • 206 For the Ladies
      • 203 Studio 54

      •  505 Never Let Me Go
      • 509 You Know you Love Me,
      • 507 Resist Me
      • 504 My Sky is the Limit
      • 502 Hold Me Close

      •  103 Protest Queen
      • 110 I got the Power
      • 101 Girl on Top
      •  104 Mafia Gloss
      • 107 Who's the Boss


The gloss packaging is very simple and sturdy. The gloss comes in transparent rectangular  body through which the color of the gloss can be seen. The cap of all the glosses are black in color which twists open and the applicator is attached to the cap. A special mention for the applicator is necessary as it is very good. The applicator is bent form the middle which hugs the lips properly and applies the color smoothly and evenly on to the lips. The bent applicator also helps in applying the gloss precisely on the cupids bow.


The gloss 208 flash dance belongs to Dazzle Finish range and hence has shimmers in it. The texture of the gloss is smooth and creamy which helps it in gliding on the lips effortlessly. I will not say that the gloss in non-sticky, the gloss is definitely sticky but less than other glosses available in market. The shimmer particles of gloss tend to stick on lips and can only be removed by makeup remover. Overall the texture is really good as for dry lips this gloss keeps the lips hydrated for long. There is bit of smell but it will not linger on lips hence is negligible.


The shade looks brown on me with brick red undertones. The shade I think will look more red on fair people, but on me as I am dark it came out more as brown and slight brick red. The shade will suit all skin tones and all festive and party occasions. I would like to wear this shade on daily basis also as it looks very subtle even though it has lot of shimmers. Definitely a lovable shade.


As I bought the shade online I was little worried about the pigmentation of the shade. I have seen the swatches of other shades on you tube and they did not seem to be very pigmented. But, the gloss shade no 208 has good pigmentation and covers the lips in 1-2 swipes. I am really impressed with the pigmentation of this shade, however same quality of pigmentation can not be expected from other shades of this range.

Staying Power:

The gloss has a very decent staying power of  2-3 hours. However with eating and drinking it starts to transfer, but a good layering of gloss on lips will increase the staying time on lips. The gloss are highly transferable , but still after transfer some color is left on the lips which is good. Being a gloss, the staying power is decent.

Pros and Cons of Shade no 208 Flash Dance:


  1.  Good range of  shades.
  2.  Good Pigmentation
  3. Excellent applicator
  4. Handy and travel friendly
  5. Transparent body, easy to pick colors
  6.  Decent Staying Power

  1. Costly
  2.  Bit sticky
  3. Hard to remove shimmers
  4. Not all shades available
  5. Transferable

Packaging: 4/5
Texture: 4/5
Shade: 4.5/5
Pigmentation: 4/5
Staying Power: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4/5

Final Verdict:

Even not being a gloss person I really liked 208 Flash Dance shade, and also the formula of the gloss is very good. I would buy some other shades from the same range and different texture.



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