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Friday, 10 June 2016

L'Oreal Paris Kajal Magique Bold Review

Hi friends, 

Since the Maybelline colossal kajal is launched, it has been my favorite.  Later on L’Oreal came up with their Kajal magique. When I used kajal magique, it was evident that L'Oreal Kajal has less  pigmentation then Maybelline colossal. The L'Oreal kajal magique took around 3-4 swipes to make the color show up while the maybelline colossal would show up in 2-3 swipe. The staying power of both the kajals is almost similar and the pricing is also comparable. As Maybelline came with their super black kajal which I have already reviewed check the link, L'Oreal has also come up with the bolder version of L'Oreal Paris Kajal Magique i.e. BOLD. I got this free along with the L'Oreal Infalliable Mega gloss which I have reviewed also. So lets start the review:

Rs 350/- for 0.35 gms

Product Claim:
Discover Kajal Magique BOLD, our boldest Kajal formula for the boldest look.
  • ULTIMATE BLACK: 25% more concentrated in black pigments, each stroke glides effortlessly to deliver a vivid black line.
  • MORE EXTRAORDINARY CARE: Its formula contains 2X more Vitamin E* and is gentle on the eye.
  • MORE EXTRAORDINARY CARE: Its formula contains 2X more Vitamin E* and is gentle on the eye.
  • BOLD RESULT: Create an intense line with one or two strokes on the waterline. Complete your bold look by adding a thick line on the upper lid
  • Extreme Hold: 14H Smudge-Proof.
  • Water-Proof.
  • Non Transfer.
  • Ophthalmologically Tested.
  • Suitable For Contact Lens
My review: 


The outer packaging of the L’Oreal Paris Kajal Magique Bold is very similar to any other slim kajal packaging. The kajal is intact in hard black paper cover and covered with transparent plastic. At the back of package, one can see information about the product.
The kajal itself is a black body sleek pencil with retractable product in it. The body is completely black and is a bit different from L’Oreal Paris kajal magique that had purple detailing on the black body. The cap of the kajal is very tight, which makes it suitable for traveling.


The texture of the kajal is very soft and it glides on smoothly on waterline and eyelids.  The black color will not show up in single swipe on waterline hence to be applied more than once while on the eyelids it just shows up in single swipe. The texture of the kajal is really soft and smooth.

The shade of the kajal is black i.e. BLOD black. The bold black kajal color shows up clearly on the top of lid but on the waterline the color is not very bold black. The shade is really good and better than the LOreal Paris Kajal Magique.

Staying Power:

The product claims staying power of 14 hrs , which is true to a large extent. I have used this kajal on both my eyelids and waterline and the kajal stays on forever. The kajal stays in place on eyelids  and waterline for more than 8 hours without smudging and fading. The intensity of the color on eyelids and waterline is as it is after 6 -7 hours. 

The kajal is not fully water proof but ther is no doubt that it is smudgeproof as claimed.  The kajal has great color pay off and staying power for which paying Rs 350 is ok for me. The kajal is definitley a better version of Loreal Paris Kajal Magique, hence the price rise is justified, but still i would say the kajal is on costlier side.
1.    Smooth and matte finish.
2.    Easy application.
3.    Stays for good 8-9 hours
4.    Smudge proof
5.    Travel friendly
6.    Performs as claimed
1.    Costly
2.    Not fully water proof

Packaging: 5/5
Texture: 4/5
Shade: 5/5 (Not as per claim)
Staying Power: 5/5

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Final Verdict: 

I think cost is the major factor that may stop people from buying this kajal, but otherwise the kajal is amazing. The kajal is completely smudge proof which makes it awesome, hence I am definitely going to buy a new one.
Have a great day, Bye

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