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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Miss Claire French Manicure Kit Review


Nail Paints is something I think every girl adores and the French manicure nails simply just enhances the look. The French manicure nails are ideal for any formal function or even parties. The French manicure nails can be done at home by using any light pink nail paint and white nail paint. While browsing through I found the Miss Claire French Manicure Kit and thought of buying it just for fun.

Online Rs 384/- for 36ml.

Product Claim:

Don't let a broken nail derail your plans. Make sure you have this adorable kit with you to keep your fingers and hands looking great. Romantic, intense, and ultra-sophisticated, Miss Claire's manicure kit creates a beautiful and glamorous sheen to the hands. With the utmost precision, this fashion accessory delivers a flash of colored light and enables one to achieve various effects, from very natural and romantic to intense and ultra-sophisticated.

My review:


The packaging of the kit is very simple and nothing to mention. The outer is a semi hard plastic cover which is square in shape and white in color.  On the top of the package there is a cute handle which makes the packaging handy. The package opening has flips and inside, it consists of 4 nail paints bottle. In between the nail paints, the nail tips are also given for easy application of French nails.

How to use:

The kit consists of four nail paints:

1.    Base Coat: There are two base coats in the kit i.e. Pink and Skin color. The Pink shade is not much pigmented i.e. the color is visible after 3 coats of nail paint. The nude shade i.e. the skin color base coat is very thin and is as close to the natural skin color as possible.

2.    Tip Coat: In French manicure the tip of the nails should be coloured in white shade. The kit consists of a white nail paint which gives great color in just one swipe.

3.    Top Coat: The top is transparent and it is to be applied on the top of the nails after we are done with applying base coat and tip coat. The top coat is to be applied after the base coat has dried up completely.

My Experience:

Well the nail paint looks like big in size in image but actually the size and quantity of nail paints is very less. Keeping in mind that the base coats don’t have very good payoff, the quantity is very less. The base coats stays on the nails for 3-4 days and then start to chip off. The nail paints dry up quickly on nails which is good.

The base coats do not have much gloss in them, but the shades look very pretty on the hands. The best nail paints of the kit are the top coat and white nail paint. The color payoff of white color is very good and the top coat adds the gloss to the nails, but the gloss does not lasts for very long and hence of not much use.

The nail paint bottles and applicator are very average and very much similar to the road side nail paints which are sold for 30-50 Rs each. I am not very impressed with the applicator. The kit also consists of 40 nail tips which help in applying the base coat without worrying about the tip getting coated. The tips are very good and can be reused.

Overall the Miss Claire French Manicure kit is good for starters who want to practice French nails, but is costly for the quality and quantity it has to offer.

Pros and Cons of the Kit:

1.    Nice shades
2.    Dries up quickly
3.    Comes with Nail tips
1.    Less Quantity
2.    Not great Color pay off of base shades
3.    Costly
4.    Not good quality
5.    Starts chipping on 4th day

Overall Rating: 2/5

Final Verdict:
The kit is just ok; I really liked the white shade of the kit which I will use in my other nail arts and definitely the nail tips that are the best part of the kit. I will not purchase this kit ever again.

Have a great day, Bye 

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