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Thursday, 23 June 2016


Hi friends,

Today I am going to review an eye shadow palette which I own for a really long time. I bought this palette to play around with colors on my eyes and also because this was affordable. I found this palette online on Jabong.comNICKA K NEW YORK is an affordable international brand like Makeup revolution and Freedom makeup London, also the products from this brand can only be purchased online. Online also, I can find only eye shadow palettes and lipsticks, however on their website i.e., there are lot of products related to face makeup, skin care, brushes etc. I bought this palette because it was very colorful and I was attracted to the vibrant colors. So lets us start the review.  


Rs 650/- for 14.1 gms

Product Claim:

An expertly-coordinated eyeshadow & blush palette featuring nine different shades perfectly suited for mixing and matching. Crafted with our signature, highly-saturated pigments, all the colors in our Perfect Nine palettes are not only multi-purpose, but also formulated to beautifully highlight, contour and define. Crease- and fade-resistant.

My review: AP017


As I own this eye shadow palette for a very long time, I don’t remember a lot about its outer packaging but inner packaging is not something to be raved about. The colors are aligned in a plastic packaging with a transparent top . The bottom of the product is completely black in color and has details about the ingredients of the products and also contains the bifurcation of blush and eye shadow in the palette. This palette has 2 blushes and 7 eye shadows. Overall the product is light weight to carry but the packaging is flimsy.


The eye shadows are very powdery and shimmery in texture. The eye shadows are soft when touched but have heavy fallout on face while application. The colors of the palette are good but don’t show up on eyes well. The shadows are blend able but one needs a lot of product to show up on eye lid. Overall the texture of the shades is not great and the palette is definitely not for the daily use.


The palette consists of two blushes and seven eye shadows. The blushes are highly pigmented but have a very less staying power. Following are the swatches of all the shades: (E-Eye shadow, B-Blush).

The blushes of the palette are equally shimmery as the eye shadow which does not makes any sense. The blush can have shimmers but not as much as an eye shadow, hence these blushes are also not of any use. There are 2 shades of the blushes: one is dark brick red and other is an orchid color . The former is a wearable blush but the latter, I have never worn and I don’t think so it is wearable. I think it is better to use the blushes also as eye shadows.

Now we will come to eye shadows. The palette consists of 7 shades of eye shadows and all of them are great colors. The shades are:

E1: Brown Shimmery Shade.

E2: Peach Shimmery shade

E3: Sea Blue Shimmery Shade

E4: Highlighter shade with blue undertones

E5: White Shade

E6: Grey Shimmery Shade

E7: Black Shimmery Shade


The pigmentation of palette differs from shade to shade. The shades E1, E3 and E6 are nicely pigmented while the remaining shades are not very pigmented and hence are to be applied generously on eye lids. The eye shadows definitely need a good primer and eye shadow base to show up on eyes as good as on the palette. My favorite shade of the palette is E3, but after blending the shade it just vanishes from the lids and this happens with all the light shades of the palette.

The blushes are also very nicely pigmented but as the blush shades are very unusual, I use them as eye shadows. For eye shadows the pigmentation of the blush is very weak.

Staying Power:

The eye shadows are very shimmery and hence are not at all ideal for daily use. But also the staying power of the shades is very less and they hardly stay on the lids for 2-3 hours. The shadows are not waterproof and sweat proof.  While application the shadows have immense fallout which continues even after the application is complete. The shimmery particles of shadows keep spreading on the full face all along the wearing time of eye shadows.

Pros and Cons of the Palette:

1.       Nice Shades
2.       Affordable
3.       Shimmery shades (If one likes shimmery palette)


1.       Fall out
2.       Very less pigmentation
3.       Needs eye primer to show up
4.       No shade for daily use
5.       Availability
6.       Unusual colors for blush
7.       Shimmery blush


Packaging: 2/5
Texture: 1/5
Pigmentation: 2/5
Shades: 4/5
Staying Power: 1/5

Overall Rating: 2/5

Final Verdict:

I won’t recommend any body to buy the palette as the shades are very shimmery with heavy fall out which makes the eyes and face like a disco ball. Even if somebody wants to practice and play with colors, this palette is a big no from my side.

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