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Monday, 13 June 2016

Nykaa Nail Polish: Shade 26, 61 and 64

The has come up with new range of nail paints which have huge range of shades. I love the formula of the nail paints as they give opaque color in 2 coats, quick drying time and have good chip resistance.  The nail paints are not very glossy, which is something I expect from a nail paint priced at Rs 149 and above. Let’s talk about the shades:

  •  Shade 26: Why so Plum?

             Price: Rs 179
      Why so plum as suggested by name is plum color.  I did not dislike the shade but      neither  have I loved this shade. This is somewhere in the middle of my liking.

  •   Shade no 61 : Blueberry Muffin

              Price: Rs 179 
         Blueberry Muffin is a sea blue color. I loved this shade, but it didn’t had much gloss to               itself.

  •  Shade no 64 : Hasta La Pista

            Price: Rs 149 
            This is my favorite shade out of all three. This is beautiful pista color ideal for                       summers.

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