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Monday, 25 July 2016

Easy Nail Art: VOV Nail Paints and Nykaa Nail Paint

Today I am sharing easy nail art. I have used three nail paints:
1)    VOV Prefix Nail Paint in Black
2)    VOV Prefix Nail Paint in Purple
3)    Nykaa Nail Paint Shade 61 Blueberry muffin

Before starting I want to tell everybody that the VOV nail paints are bought while street shopping hence one might not get the same nail paint at all places. You can replace the nail paints from VOV with nail paints from other brand. So let’s start:

Step 1: Remove the existing nail paint and wash your hands. Now apply two coats of VOV Prefix nail paint in Purple.

Step 2: Once the Purple nail paint has dried up completely, Nykaa nail paint and draw two intersecting swipes of the nail paint on the edge of the nails as shown.  Try and swipe the nail paint in one stroke else the color may become patchy.

 Step 3: Once the Nykaa Nail paint has dried up use the black color nail paint and swipe it over the blue color, just leaving a thick line of blue visible. And the nails are done.

Step 4: After drying completely, apply a gloss coat on the nails.

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