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Thursday, 11 August 2016


Hi Everybody,

Welcome back to my blog. Today’s blog is review of an eye shadow palette which I wanted to buy so bad. Whenever I use to see this eye shadow palette online, I just want to own it. So finally one day I took the plunge and bought it online. Why I love it......... I don’t have any specific reason, may be just the bright and bold colors on the palette really attracted me to it. So let us see the review:


Rs  1000 for 18 g

Product Claim:

Freedom Pro Decadence Eyeshadow Palettes for your pretty eyes!
  • Enhance the beauty of your eyes with these soft textured eyeshadow palettes.
  • Well pigmented eyeshadows works impressively to elevate the beauty of your eyes.
  • Now it’s easy to create professional quality looks with these palettes.
  • 20 Professional eyeshadows in a mixture of matte and pearl.
  • This eyeshadow palette is equipped with a full size mirror and a double ended sponge applicator.

 My review: Clubbed To Death


There is nothing bad I can say about the packaging of the palette. The packaging is sturdy and the eye shadows are placed in two rows with 10 eye shadows in each.  The top row has matte shades and the bottom row has shimmery shades. The packaging also has mirror to it and that is a very important aspect in any palette. Overall I just loved the packaging of the palette.


The eye shadows in the top rows are a bit powdery in texture while the bottom row shadows are less powdery as compared to top row. The eye shadows are soft when touched and are easily blendable. I eye shadows have fallout, but that amount of fallout is acceptable for the price of the palette. Overall the texture of the matte shades is not that great but the shimmery shades are awesome.


The palette consists of 20 eye shadows aligned in two rows. So we will see the shades each row at a time:

Row 1:

Shades 1:  White Highlighter shade or base for bright colors
Shade 2-3 : Good crease colors
Shade 4-7:  Bright Neon Colors
Shade 8-10: Brown, grey and black, Ideal for Smokey eyes

Row 2:

Shade 11: Shimmery Dark Green
Shade 12 : Shimmery Wine
Shade 13: Shimmery Grey
Shade 14: Shimmery Purple
Shade 15: Shimmery pink
Shade 16: Shimmery Sea green
Shade 17: Shimmery Orange
Shade 18: Shimmery Indigo
Shade 19: Shimmery blue
Shade 20: Shimmery White


The pigmentation of palette differs from shade to shade. The top row shades are less pigmented as compared to shades in the bottom row. The matte shades 4-7 take a lot of product to show up on eyelids even applied with eye shadow base rest all the shades are awesomely pigmented. As the colors in the palette are bright and bold, they definitely need a good primer and eye shadow base to show up on eyes as good as on the palette.

I personally love all the colors of the palette but the shades 8-10 are sooo good for the smokey eyes makeup.

Staying Power:

The staying power of all the shades is good, but the shimmery shades stay on for long on the eye lids as compared to matte shades.  This palette is ideal for creating night parties look and with primer on the lids the eye shadows will survive all night. One can use for neutral matte shades for day looks, but overall the palette is more for night looks than day looks

Pros and Cons of the Palette:

1.       Nice Shades
2.       Affordable (20 Shades)
3.       Shimmery shades
4.       Decent Pigmentation
5.       Great Packaging
6.       Travel friendly
7.   Easily Blend able

1.       Fall out
2.       Matte Shades needs eye primer to show up
3.       Less shades for daily use
4.       Availability (Only Online)


Packaging: 4.5/5
Texture: 4/5
Pigmentation: 4/5
Shades: 5/5
Staying Power: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Final recommendation:

One can buy this palette if they want to play around with bright and bold colors as this is quite a affordable palette and has combination of great shades for creating summery eye makeup look or smokey eyes or party shimmery look...etc. I absolutely love this palette. I can’t think of re purchasing the palette as it will take me a lot of time finish the palette at first place.

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