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Friday, 19 August 2016

Lotus Herbals Ecostay Kajal Review

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to my blog. My search for a easy to apply dense black kajal is still on, although I love the L'Oreal Maqique Bold kajal which I have reviewed also, But a kajal is never enough black for me. I was at the Lotus herbals counter and the SA showed me this new kajal named as Lotus herbals Ecostay Kajal. This is a pencil kajal which needs to be sharpened. So let us see how this kajal fared me:


Rs 299/- for 1.2 gms

Product Claim:

 It is 10 Hours + Stay, Smudge-proof, Waterproof Kajal , free of Paraffin, Animal Oil and Preservatives, suitable for Waterline. It has a Velvety soft texture, Excellent Color Pay-off and suitable for those who wear Contact Lens. 100% Vegetarian, Free of Animal Ingredient οΎ• No Animal Testing

My review:

The kajal comes in cardboard kind of packaging which has the details of ingredients and price details. The kajal is in pencil form which needs to be sharpened. The kajal body is completely black with the name and manufacturing information is scribbled in silver color.

The kajal has a cap like a pen and the cap fits in tightly on the body, which makes the kajal travel friendly. Overall I am happy with the packaging.


The texture of the kajal as claimed is very very soft and it glides on like velvet on waterline and eyelids. The black color shows up in single swipe on both waterline and eyelids, but to increase the intensity of black one may need to go to and fro. The texture of the kajal is very unique, and is something which I have not experienced before. This kajal is ideal for those who are new to tight lining of eyes, as the texture of the kajal is extremely soft and it hence will not hurt.


The shade of the kajal is black i.e. BLOD black. The bold black kajal color shows up in single swipe on eyelid and waterline but for intensifying the black one may need -3 swipes.

Staying Power:

The product claims staying power of more than 10 hrs , which is true to a large extent. I have used this kajal on both my eyelids and waterline and the kajal stays on forever without smudging. I have put on this kajal stays in place on eyelids  and waterline for more than 8 hours and it did not smudged although faded a bit after 7-8  hours.

The kajal is definitely water proof  as one may require makeup remover to remove each and every trace of the kajal from eyes by the end of the day. The kajal is definitely a better version of Lotus Colorkick kajal, hence the price rise is justified. Before trying this kajal, the lotus colorkick kajal was my favorite of all times, but now I am loving this ecostay Kajal.

1.    Velvety smooth finish.
2.    Easy application.
3.    Stays for more than 10 hrs
4.    Smudge proof
5.    Water proof
6.    Travel friendly
7.    Performs as claimed
8.    Cruelty free
9.    Herbal
10. Affordable

Well I don’t have any cons for this Kajal except for I wish they would have provided Sharpener with this kajal and also I want them to launch new shades in this range with same texture and formulation.

Packaging: 5/5
Texture: 5/5
Shade: 5/5
Staying Power: 5/5

Overall Rating: 5/5

Final Verdict:
I am in love with this kajal and will defiantly buy this in future, no doubt about it.

Have a great day, Bye 

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