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Friday, 23 September 2016

Coloressence Lip & Eye Pencil with Sharpener-Wine Shine Review

Hi friends,

Today I will be reviewing Coloressence Lip and Eye pencil in shade Wine Shine. I have never used a lip liner for my lips as I never felt the need for it. When I saw this coloressence Lip and eye pencil, I thought of giving it a try . So let us see the review


Rs 225/- for 1.5 gms

Product Claim:

Long Wear Eye And Lip Pencil With Rich Color Pigments That Highlights Your Eyes And Line Your Lips Giving A Smooth Satin Finish. Dual Purpose, Crease-Proof, Fade Proof And Smudge Proof Pencil That Provides Flawless Definition To Your Eyes And Lips. Comes With A Sharpener For Precision Application.

My review:


The packaging of this Eye and lip pencil is very similar to any other eye liner or lip pencil i.e. in pencil format.  The outer packaging is simple cardboard covered with plastic covering inside which the liner and sharpener embodied. The actual liner looks nice and sturdy which makes it travel friendly.

The cap on the pencil is quite tight but the sharpener, I have doubts. I tried to put the pencil inside the sharpener but the pencil did not fit in the sharpener. So the sharpener is a dud.


The texture of the pencil is quite soft for the eyes but for lips it needs to be softer. The liner applies smoothly and softly on eye, but on the lips the pencil is a bit hard to apply. I think the pencil needs to be more creamy and smooth to work as lip liner.

Shade and Pigmentation:

As mentioned in the name, the shad e of the kajal is Wine. The shade is a beautiful wine shade and looks good on lips and eyes.  I think the shade looks more good on lips then on eyes, but the pencil is a bit difficult to be applied on lips. One needs to moisturize lips well before applying this lip pencil.

The pigmentation of the shade is quite good as it shows up really well on both eyes and lips. I am very impressed with the pigmentation.

Staying Power:

As claimed by the product that it is water proof, following image will show you that it is indeed water-proof. While trying to wipe it out with water, the liner just smudged but did not completely wipe off. The product stays on for full day if used as an eye pencil i.e. for more than 6 hours with slight smudge. One would require make-up remover to take off from eyes.

The pencil used as lip pencil will lasts only for 3-4 hours and will go away after any light meal. The best thing about using this as lipstick on lip is that the lip pencil does not transfers at all.
I think I will prefer using it as eye pencil.

1.    Smooth on eyes
2.    Waterproof on eyes
3.    Easy application.
4.    Good pigmentation
5.    Stays for good 5 to 6 hours on eyes
6.    Water proof
7.    Travel friendly
8.    Affordable
1.    Not lasting enough on lips
2.    Dry on lips
3.    Not waterproof on lips

Texture: 3/5
Shade: 4/5 (Not as per claim)
Pigmentation: 4/5
Staying Power: 3/5

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Final Verdict:
I would use it more on my eyelids as compared to on my lips. I don’t think so I will buy any other shade from this range.

Have a great day, Bye J

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