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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Nykaa Nail Paint 81 Violet Macroon Nail art

HELLO Everyone,  

My this post is about my new nykaa nail paint no 81: Violet Macroon. Well when I received it and opened it I did not like it but when I applied it on my nails, I just loved it. This is the very first time I have used such a color and I just loved it. So please go ahead and check my easy nail art:

Step 1: First apply Nykaa 81 shade on the nails. I have applied black color on one of my nail just for trial and it looked nice on my nails. You can try with other nail colors also. I have applied two coats of each nail paint.

Step 2:  Next I put dots on the lower half of nails using black nail paint using dotting pen. I tried using other shades for dotting, but I felt that black was looking the best, hence I used it, but you can use nay color of your choice for dots.

Step 3: For black color nail paint I choose white nail paint for dotting as it looked the best. And finally apply top coat and the easy nail art is done.

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