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Monday, 3 October 2016

Biotique Diamond Facial Kit with Diamond Bhasma Review

Hello Everybody,

Welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to review Biotique Diamond Facial kit. I think this is my third biotique product. The first biotique product I used, actually I don’t remember it, but it was good and since then I had good hopes with this brand. But last time I bought a face pack from Biotique which was a complete dud, I have reviewed it also on my blog; do check.

 I bought this kit in high hopes as heard a lot of good things about it. So let us see the review:

Product Description:
Diamond facial kit with diamond bhasma for skin polishing and brighteing skin. Direction for use can be found at the back of the pack.

Rs 330/- for 75 gms

My Experience:

 The product is packaged in a very simply but sturdy way. The facial kit consists of five tub packaged bottles with their names and directions to use written on them.  The packaging is small and will take very less space in travel vanity. The bottle are white in color and their caps are green in color. The kit is travel friendly.


Directions of usage :

STEP 1 Exfoliate : Apply a pea-sized quantity of the Scrub to damp skin & massage upwards in circular movements. You should pay particular attention to nose, forehead & chin, but continue to massage the tiny grains for at least 30 seconds while you inhale the uplifting essential citrus oils. Rinse thoroughly with warm water & pat dry.
STEP 2 Massage Treatment : Be sure skin is fully dry & then apply Moisture Boosting Massage Gel over both face & neck, avoiding the delicate eye & mouth area. Relax for 10 to 15 minutes. For that extra spa touch lay down & apply a cotton pad dipped in cold water over each eye. Wipe away the Massage Cream with a warm, damp face cloth & pat dry.
STEP 3 Target with Face Mask : Apply a thick layer on cleansed face and neck Avoid eye and mouth areas. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, Rinse-with water or a damp washcloth.
STEP 4 Swiss Magic Dark Spot Corrector : Smooth over affected area
STEP 5 Revitalise with Face Cream : Apply using gentle circular massage motions until absorbed."

This facial kit does not have a cleanser. I think a good cleanser is necessary with a facial kit, I don’t know why Biotique has not provided. So one has to cleanse face with normal daily sue face wash and then start with the facial kit.

1)   Diamond Face Scrub
The scrub is gel-based scrub with fine scrubbing particles. The smell of the scrub is citrusy and fresh. The scrub provides cooling to the face and makes it feel soft.  The scrub does not make face oily, which is good.  

2)   Diamond Massage Gel
After scrubbing the face, the massage gel is to be massaged on face for 10-15 minutes. The smell of the massage gel is different from the scrub but the texture and look are the same. The gel has some minute particles, which make it difficult to massage on the face. The massage gel leaves skin very soft and supple.

3)   Diamond Face Mask
This mask is major let down of the kit. I have another mask named Biotique Bio Milk Protein Whitening & Rejuvenating Face Pack. The mask in the kit is this mask. There is no difference in the appearance, smell and texture of the mask. In fact the result out of the mask is also same i.e. nothing. The mask is creamy in texture and white in color. It does not dries out but remains creamy on the face.

4)   Swiss Magic Dark Spot Corrector

The kit is accompanied by a dark spot corrector. It is difficult to asses the performance of the dark spot corrector unitl I use it for a month. The cream is white in color and to be applied on the acne dark spots.

5)   Diamond Face Cream:
I liked this face cream the most from the kit. The face cream smells good and makes skin soft. The texture of the cream is soft and spreads easily on the face.

·         Does not makes skin oily
·         Good face cream
·         Afforadable

·         No diamond glow.
·         Scrub and massage gel are same
·         Face pack does nothing
·         False Claims

Rating: 1/5

Final recommendation: This kit, which is made for imparting diamond glow on the face but actually it, fails to do so. The glow provided is very normal, which one may get after home face wash and scrub wash. I did not like the product much.

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