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Monday, 10 October 2016

Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eye Shadow : Plum and Lilac Review

Hello Everyone,
Today I am going to review the Revlon Colorstay shadow links eye shadow. These eye shadows have been in market for really long, but I never thought of trying them. Recently while going through online shopping I saw  the mono eye shadows on discount and hence bought two of them. So let us see the review:

Rs 195 each for 1.4 gms (after Discount Rs 175/-)

Product Claim:
Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eye Shadow allows customising your palette as per your preference. Mix and match your favourite colours to create your own costumed eye shadow palette. It glides easily without any tugging because of its smooth and soft texture. Link in by just sliding it as they interlock.
  • Easy to carry can be carried individually or the entire palette
  • Comes in four finishes from matte to sparkle and 18 covetable, collectible shades
  • Not powdery or chalky
  • Creating your own palette
  • All-day wear

My review:


The packaging of these eye shadows is the cutest eye shadow packaging I have ever seen. It is small, handy, sturdy and all good things.  The eye shadow lies in a tiny plastic holder with transparent lid. The packaging is flip open and through the transparent lid one can see the color. Overall, I loved the packaging.


 The texture of these eye shadows is very soft and smooth. I have used them both with brushes and fingers; both ways they blend beautifully on the eyes. The lilac eye shadow is shimmery while the plum eye shadow is matte. The shades plum blend well as compared to lilac due to shimmers present in lilac.


The shades in the product are as their name i.e. plum is plum and lilac color is shimmer with light mix of silver and purple. The shades are decently pigmented i.e. they do take some product to build up color on eyelids. I think eye primer or concealer is must on eyelids with pigmentation. The eyelids without pigmentation can carry the eye shadows without eye primer.


The shade is plum is good everyday kind of shade and can be used in day time also while the shade lilac is shimmery party wear shade and can also used on top of base shades to add shimmer. I have not used it, but I think I may use this shade as my highlighter.

Staying Power:


These eye shadows have a great staying power. I have used them in daytime and these eye shadows lasts all day long until you wash them off. I have used the eye shadows with and without primer; and there is not much difference in their staying power with or without primer.


Pros and Cons
1.    Smooth and soft.
2.    Easy to apply.
3.    Affordable
4.    Good staying power
5.    Less Fallout.
6.    Many shades available
7.    Easily blendable
8.    Matte and shimmers
1.    Not great in pigmentation

Packaging: 5/5
Texture: 4.5/5
Shade: 4.5/5
Pigmentation: 3/5
Staying Power: 4.5/5

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Final Verdict:
Yes I am definitely going to buy other shades from these mono eyeshadows as I am a fan of their cuteness. Also I would prefer matte shades from the range as it gets difficult to find shades without any shimmers.

Have a great day, Bye J

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