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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Nykaa Eyem BLACK Kajal Review

Hello everyone,

Nykaa is online retail website for cosmetics and skin care products. Nykaa have recently launched there own beauty products range in which they have launched Nail paints, kajal, eyeliners and lipsticks. Today I am going to review  Nykaa Eyem Black kajal.


Rs 375/- for 1.2 gms

Product Claim:

 Here's a winning combination! Nykaa's EyeM Black Kajal Gel Kajal brings you the luxe gel finish in the ease of the pencil! This creamy, no-tug eye pencil can be used along the lash line, or extended to create a dramatic eyeliner flick with its blackest black pigment. Its waterproof and smudge proof formula glides on effortlessly and the rich black pigments stay put for a perfect, intense dark line that lasts all day and all night!

My review:

The kajal is placed inside a cardboard box, which has the ingredients and price details. The kajal is in pencil form and is sharpen able. The kajal body is completely black with the name scribbled in gold color. Also, I got sharpener free along with the kajal.

Overall, I am happy with the packaging.


The texture of the kajal as claimed is very soft and it glides smoothly on waterline and eyelids. The black color shows up in single swipe on both waterline and eyelids with a shiny gloss. The kajal has a glossy and semi matte finish.

The shade of the kajal is black. The bold black kajal color shows up in single swipe on eyelid and waterline. Initially when applied the kajal gives a shiny black color which does not lasts very long. 

Staying Power:

The product claims to stay day and night , which is true to a some extent. I have used this kajal on both my eyelids and waterline and the kajal stays on forever with very less smudging on waterline, but on the eyelid it stays on for only 4-5 hours and the blackness of the kajal starts to wear off in 2-3 hours. The kajal takes some time to set but once set the kajal does not budges from waterline but keeps smudges from the eyelid. The kajal is waterproof on waterline but I am not sure for the eyelid.

1.    Velvety smooth application
2.    Easy application.
3.    Stays good on waterline
4.    Smudge proof
5.    Water proof
6.    Travel friendly
7.    Performs as claimed
8.    Great Color payoff

1.    Does not stays for long on eyelid
2.    Not smudge proof on eyelid
3.    Availability, only online

Packaging: 4/5
Texture: 4/5
Shade: 5/5
Staying Power: 3/5

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Final Verdict:
I have no such issues with the kajal, but only problem is that once I apply it on my eyelid, the kajal is glossy and shiny for 15-20 minutes and then its loses its shine and starts to smudge and wear off.

Have a great day, Bye J

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