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Monday, 16 December 2019


As party season is right around the corner, let us get ready with AMAZON FASHION REFRESH SALE 2019. Today in this post I am going to create a look for a night party with affordable fashion pieces with earrings, shoes and other accessories. Link to all the items is provided, so let’s just dive in:


  My most favorite outfit for night parties is a skater dress. A skater dress can be styled in many ways; hence my first preference is always a skater dress. Pl click on dress image for purchase.


For earrings, I have 2 options:

1) One is a very dainty earring for the people u want a pretty simple look:
2) Following earring is for one who want to go a little haevy with earrings as the dress is pretty simple:


The dress being pretty simple, we have to be little heavy on accessories. Bracelet is not something required with all dresses as a good watch can also complete the look. As this is party season one can accessorize with a bracelet as given in below image:


Sandals will look pretty cool with this dress. I personally don't wear heels. But following will be my options for footwear with this dress for the people who love heels and for the ones who loves less heels or no heel footwear.

And thats are party try this outfit and upload pictures in comment section. Till my next styling ...bye

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  1. I am glad, that you informed people about this sale. Thus, everybody can choose some clothes, which, will be not so expensive.